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General question that i haven't found answers for them yet

I am new to this enviroment of work but i am impressed with those tools you created
while explorig the software i encounter a few question , hope you will be able to give me help :slight_smile:

  1. Can i create an html page and hide/put inside variable to transfer? i mean not to create FIRSTLY datamapping and then template and take records from it but opposite , put variables straight into the page and take from it to datamapping or other data extracting methods.

  2. I am not yet familiar enough with connect designer but can i crate a full web-page for i don’t see full code(meta,style,html header and etc) in source or is there something i miss ( i used to create web-pages from note ++ )

  3. Can i take 1 page PDF as source for datamaping and extract few different tables of records with more than one value for as i understood from manual the number of records/tables is equal to number of PDF pages… Hope i explained it correctly :expressionless:

  4. how can i delete values straight from data model for if i even change the source and records i still am not able to delete old records …they just become red until sync and then grey.

Hi Alien,

People who are new to Connect should start by watching the online tutorials on OL Learn (https://learn.objectiflune.com/). These will answer many of the basic questions you might have about basic data mapping and document design.

Hello Phil,
Thanks for writing to me i appreciate it.
As i mention (i think i did) i did watch all the media i found… i actually advanced since yesterday and some of my question i already answered but still there too much unknown… there are many many trials i am doing with workflow and yet so much to understand, would be glad for assistance.