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Get data from datamaper to config task on Workflow


I hace a datamaper witch work on xml file with some information like an id and a zip

if zip is different than 99, I want Workflow to create a pdf name with the id + zip.pdf in a specific directory, else just copy xml file on an other specific directory.

At the end of the workflow, I have to update a database with date of the process and directory name.

I found some information to access to a database but I can’t found how to retrieve data for datamaper on workflow… could you please help ?

I guess you mean “…how to retrieve data from datamapper in Workflow…”.

If it is the case, open you Execute Data Mapping plugin.

You can select the Output type to be Output records in Metadata in which case your “99 or more” value will be available in the metadata (that is if your value is part of the main table and not some detail table which do not show in the metadata).

You can select the Output type to be Output result in XML data file in which case, after your Execute Data Mapping plugin, the data will no, longer be your original data but an XML file with the whole content of your Datamodel, including details tables.

Then based on that you can set-up your Workflow condition accordingly.

Hope that helps.

My values are on de main table.

I add a script just after Execute Data Mapping and do that :

Watch.Log(Watch.GetVariable(“prsn_id”), 2);

but it didn’t found this data… I’m lost…

Go in Debug mode and Steps through your job until right after the Execute Data Mapping, then look at the file that comes out (if you have choose the second option of my previous post), you should then see an XML file.