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Grab shifting text value in Data Mapper

I have a text file where the PO Number and Date shift around by a few lines and columns. Otherwise the data is stable and consistent.

Both the PO Number and Date have a consistent Tag (“Date:” or “PO #”) that will help finding the proper line.

Date:                mm/dd/yyyy

PO #                 S00003456

Or like this with extra lines and different columns

Date:            mm/dd/yyyy

   PO #                     S00003456

I’m not having any success extracting the value and wondering if anyone has a sample script that would be similar that will work in the data mapper?

This appears to work


Didn’t we cover an almost identical topic in Simulate PP7 Line Condition?

Yes, good point it is somewhat similar. With this one the two items are floating around within a zone so I was taking a different approach. The script works as long as there is always a Date: in the zone. If the Date: falls outside the zone or is missing I get a Cannot call method “indexOf” of undefined: 1 error .

Your code takes for granted that there are always 8 lines in the data you’re extracting ( “for(i=0;i<=7;i++)”). So if there are only 7 items, then Zone[7] is undefined… which is why you get an error stating the method indexOf() cannot be called for undefined. You loop logic should be: