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Grey fields in Data Model of the data mapper designer

I am currently using the designer to map fields in a text document, but the fields within a repetition are not showing the values in the data model. How can the grey fields be reactivated?

Hello Pamadi,

Did you have already tried to synchronize your Data Model fields and structure by clicking on the “Synchronize Fields and Structure” button?

Source: Data Model pane - PlanetPress Connect 2020.2 User Guide

Synchronizing is ineffective, I am currently mapping a text document, with several records and I need to apply several repetitions. But the extracted values within the repetitions are not working and the field in the data model are grey.
Please help

Please post a screenshot so we can get a better idea of what you’re seeing.

Usually, when the fields are grey, it means that one (or more) of your extraction are in errors. Is it the case? That would show easily on the Steps pane of the Datamapper.

Everything seems fine no red squares around the steps, please see below:

After looking at one of mine that has the same behavior, it seems to happen when you have an extraction step this isn’t executed because it is in the false side of a conditional branch . Therefore these field aren’t even created as oppose to have them filled with an empty value (or spaces) from the data.

Hi @hamelj, thanks for getting back to me, but why isn’t the extraction above the condition showing? If I delete the condition the extraction is still grey in the data model.

Can you show a complete screenshot of your steps? Be easier to understand after seeing the whole picture.

I can’t share my complete screen due to the sensitive data, is there a way to contact you directly?