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Group by external sorter field

Is it possible to use data returned from external sorter for grouping?
We have complex sorting algorithm and we need to split output based on sort result. My plan is to include additional column in returned data and add that field as grouping fields. Unfortunately available fields for grouping only show fields that are defined in datamapper. Can this be done?


You simply define a placeholder field in your Datamapper, value is empty, and you update it at the Content Creation by checking the box “Update Record from metadata”.

  1. Create placeholder field in your Datamapper
  2. In your Workflow, select Output type->Metadata [not Metadata (ID’s only)]
  3. Do you sorting
  4. Using the Metadata Fields Management, update your placeholder with the value back from your external sort.
  5. In the Create Print Content, check the box “Update Record from metadata”

You now have the value from your external sort, available to your split.