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Grouping on "Document" level don`t exist anymore


reffering to my question How to give dynamic output names for separated PDF?

I can’t group my records based on “Document” level anymore but I need to do because I want to output one pdf file per company in my database named by the company (there can be more than one record per company in the database). To do this I have to group my records on document level, create a metadata field on document level and use the output mask syntax ${document.metadata[‘METADATAFIELDNAME’]}

I think I have to set the meta tag name on “Document Set” level and change the output mask. But what should I type in the output mask? ${documentset.metadata[‘Country’]}.pdf don’t work.


Hi Thomas,

Version 1.2.1 removed the ability to separate on the Document level, but you can still create metadata on that level. As far as your query, if you want to create one PDF per company and each company can have more than one record, you actually want to separate by document set, since a single document is a single record, and document sets are specifically built to combine records as a set of documents (or a mail piece). Note that when separating output by document set still allows you to use metadata on the document level for the filename.

I haven’t yet built the documentation that includes the output variable details. I can tell you however that the document set metadata is ${set.metadata.fieldname} or ${set.metadata[“fieldname”]}.

Hope that helps,


Hi Evelyne,

thanks a lot. Now, by using the output variable ${set.metadata[“fieldname”]} it works.