Handlebars, how to apply formatting

With the recent switch to Handlebars in Design, when I drag an element from the Data Model onto my Print Section, I no longer get a Standard Script.

How then do I build out text scripts that contain multiple fields, with prefix and postfix text/html? (I know, drag the element over to the Standard Scripts pane and I get my old familiar interface, but that’s an extra step.)

A related question, is how do a choose the Formatting I want for typed fields (currency, dates, etc.)?

Execute the following steps before you drag-and-drop a field from the Data Model pane into a Print Context Section to get the same behaviour:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the name of the Print Context Section and select the option Properties…
  2. Uncheck the option Evaluate Handlebars expressions
  3. Click on OK to apply the change and to close the Print Section Properties window

Tip: See Variable data in text: scripts and placeholders - OL Connect 2023.2 Help for more information about this option.

Would you like to know how to format Handlebars expressions? If so then I would like to recommend you to take a look at Format Helpers - OL Connect 2023.2 Help for a list of the by OL Connect provided Helpers.