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Handling BLOBs in Workflow scripts

I have a customer who is trying to read a file into a Blob and pass it to an API via a workflow script. However, MS JScript does not recognize the Blob() constructor. JavaScript does. Is there any way to work with Blobs in workflow scripts? Possibly with VB Script instead?

The API is expecting a Blob to be passed, and also returns a Blob. I would prefer to avoid writing a custom console app to handle this if possible.

Example code:
var aFileParts = [‘hey!’]; // an array consisting of a single DOMString
var oMyBlob = new Blob(aFileParts, {type : ‘text/html’}); // the blob

As explained via email (reproduced here for the benefit of other readers), the Blob API is not supported in Workflow, DataMapper or Designer.

Thanks Phil. If I can get this working using a stream I will update.