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HCF File for PB 4500 Relay

I was wondering if you could make available the HCF file for the Relay 4500 for the OMR C-Fold type.
on your following website:

The specifications for the OMR are found on page 108 from the following link:

We are currently only using the OMR and not the barcode.

We need it for our print rooms in The Netherlands, France and UK.

Thank you.

These can generally be made upon request through Support if you have OL Care. You’ll want to open a ticket to get the process started. Once it’s created, however, it needs to be tested with you and confirmed to be working before it can be posted to the Help site.

That said, Connect itself has excellent support for doing OMR marks via the Output Preset “Add Additional Content” option: https://help.objectiflune.com/en/planetpress-connect-user-guide/2019.1/#designer/Output/Print/Interface/print_addtional_content_page.htm

This is generally considered the better way to go as it is more flexible than the HCF method.