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Help understanding the 'Input Error Bin' plugin

Hi - I have set up an error process and use it on several of my workflows including when I am just sending an email. I have the error process set up on my template. My data file is a single column .csv with just the email address. I use the Mandrill add on app. so can see what bounces

When sending just an email - I am wondering why I would receive an error versus it just going through as a bounced email? I have it set up to send me an email when it hits the error handling process but I have little to no information about why it was and error. I have checked the log files and still little to no information.

Thank You

You’re sending the e-mail via the Error process, isn’t it?

In a Error process you can make use of Error handling variables, which are the System variables:

  • %{error.process}
  • %{error.tasktype}
  • %{error.taskname}
  • %{error.taskindex}
  • %{error.errormsg}
  • %{error.errorid}
  • %{error.errorlog}

The Error handling variables “%{error.errormsg}” and “%{error.errorid}” are customizable via the “On Error” tab of one of your Workflow tasks. Please note that these variables only appear in the contextual menu of a task property field when the current process is an error-handling process.

In addition, the data file–as it was before starting the task–is also available in the error-handling process.

Sources: PlanetPress Workflow 2020.2 User Guide

Hi - I had all of those varaibles set up. I added the %{errorlog} and I am still not getting any information as to why it is getting an error. Below is what I get in my email - I am using the Mandrill add on app to send my emails. Any other ideas as to how I can get additional information?

Process: BPASuniversity_SP
TaskType: Action
TaskName: Create Email Content
TaskIndex: 6
Error ID:
File: BPASuniversity_11112020_SP_2.csv

Hello Amy,

When it bounce back, it is related to the mail server. Now only the mail server logs can provide you with that information.

Now when it errors out in any of Workflow’s plugin, the information you have in the %{error.*} are those that you have defined on the On Error tab. If you’ve left the Message edit box empty, you’ll find nothing in the %{error.errormsg}.

To know what the error is, you’ll need to look at the Workflow’s logs. Still, that will not tell you why it bounced back. Only why the plugin errored out.

Is that answering your questions?