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Hide Entire Rows of Dynamic Table


I apologise, I’m a nubie at programming…

I have a dynamic table that uses detail and non-detail fields

I want to hide the entire row of the table if a particular field(s) value is equal to 0.00

Is this possible?


Hi Duncan,
Without knowing the exact specifics, you could use a conditional script within the table similar to the following to hide the row:

if (record.tables.detail["{field}"] == “0”) {
results.attr(“data-conditional”, “”);
} else {

Best Regards

Justin Leigh
Technical Support (Asia Pacific)


This can also be handled within an expanded Text Script. The following hides the parent of the table cell (e.g. the row) when the value matches “0.00”.


results.each(function(index) {
	var field, result = "";
	field = record.tables["detail"][index].fields["ItemShipped"];
	if (field !== "") result += field;
	if( field == "0.00") {
		result = "";
	// Hide the parent (row)
	if( field == "0.00") {


Fantastic, thank you