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Hide line from dynamic table, based on price value

Hi, can some one help me with a code to remove a lines in dynamic table, where price is 0 (class=“LineAmount”)
Due to law regulations I cannot display such items in the table. I get quite many such free gifts, that shall be just hidden.
I did research, but so far I was not able to add this functionality
Here is my code:

Lp. Nazwa Ilość
Cena jedn. netto
Wartość netto
Stawka VAT
Kwota VAT
Wartość brutto
@L6@. @N7@ @Q9@ @N8@ @L3@ @L4@ @L5@ @S10@

RABAT 1 szt. @cal_VAT_Rabat@ @cal_VAT_Rabat@ 23% @cal_VAT_Rabat2@ @cal_Total_Brutto@


Razem @cal_Netto_Total@ 23% @calc_VAT_Total@ @InvoiceAmount@

Please look here.