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How can I save a unique identifier in my COTG form that I can pass back as part of my form's submission later?

I’m working on a transactional workflow for collecting some information and the signature on invoices. During the first step, on the way out to my mobile device, I save a unique ID for each document and then download to COTG. Another workflow uses this unique ID to retrieve the data and generate the web content seen on the mobile device. I’d like to be able to generate PDF on demand with a button on the form, so how can I embed this same unique ID in the form so when someone clicks the “Create PDF at HQ” button, the unique ID is included in the XML I get back?



Hey Lou,

Unfortunately there is no simple answer for the type of functionality you’re looking for.

You would most definitely be passing that unique ID from the workflow to the Designer as seen in our “how-to” below:


Then you would have to somehow trigger a workflow process from within the form without submitting the form itself.

However, configuring those two necessary components isn’t even necessarily half of the work required to implement this.

I recommend contacting our professional services department if you’re looking for assistance in this custom implementation.