How can I send email to @To@ on Create Email Content?

I would like to send multiple files on 1 email. In this case, I think I should use Create Email Content rather than to use Send Email.

I created email content on designer and set @To@ from data model. For Create Email Content on workflow, I input Sender Address without check Send emails to sender(test mode).

However, correct receiver(@To@) could not receive the email. The sender account received the email instead. In addtion, the sender account received 13 email from itself authough Create Email Content run only one time.

How can I send email to @To@ on Create Email Content?
Does anyone know why the sender account receive 13 email?


You have to check the box Precedence to template address

I just want to add that test mode (where email is only sent to the sender) can also be enforced by your license.

In Connect Designer you can go to Help > Software Activation to check if that is the case. Click the info button (License File Details) and look at MergeEngine.Email. If it has email=“test”, it means email is always sent in test mode. Internally we refer to these licenses as trial or demo licenses.

Hi @Sander,

Thank you for your reply.

I checked MergeEngine.Email, it is “email=“test””. So if I would like to use Create Email Content, should I change license?
My company’s person in charge will contact OL Connect Support, so do you know license type which I need to change?

Or, do you know any way that I can send multiple files on 1 email without change license?

He @jchamel,

Thank you for your reply.
I checked Precedence to template address, unfortunately, the email was sent to sender address.

Hi @Kiyomi_Kokubun,

I don’t know what license types we offer, sorry. Support should be able to help you further. I only happen to know about that test flag.

Hi @Sander

Do you know any way that I can send multiple files on 1 email by using Send Email plugin?

Hi @Kiyomi_Kokubun,

The Create Email Content plugin in Workflow only offers a few options. You can configure a lot more in the template itself using the Connect Designer. Attaching arbitrary files as attachments is described here.

I hope I understood your question correctly, Workflow is not really my area.

From what you are describing, you either have a Trial or Demo license which only allow emails to be sent to the sender.

You might want to check with our activations team and see what is what.