How do I access the Node-RED GUI?

Where do I point the browser to access the GUI and start creating flows? After the installation the browser launched automatically but now I can’t recall the correct URL.

Hi @pacel,

By default you can access the GUI via your web browser via the URL: or, in case of HTTPS, via the URL:

Probably over-engineered solution for when you forget which port is used by Node-Red (but hey, it was fun to cobble it together!):

  • Open a command line window
  • Copy/paste the following command (on a single line) then press enter:
    for /f "tokens=2" %i in ('tasklist ^| findstr "node"') do @for /f "tokens=2" %j in ('netstat -aon ^| findstr "%i"') do @echo %j
  • You should get a response similar to, where 1880 is the port used by Node-Red.

I warned you it was over-engineered… :stuck_out_tongue:

My good friend @Erik reminds me that you can always examine the contents of the settings.js file in the C:\Program Files\Objectif Lune\Node-RED\Node-RED\node_modules\node-red folder.

Well… yeah… sure… if you want to be lazy about it and take the easy way out.

But some of us prefer the over-engineered way, and that’s that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @Erik and @Phil I appreciate the reminder and the extra info!