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How do you check when Connect Server completes the splitting of output in Workflow?

My process executes data mapping, content creation, then branches off and creates individual PDFs with the Separation option in the Output preset. Create Output is As defined by Output preset.
Back on the main branch, it creates the complete PDF with all invoices with the Create Output through the workflow.

I then need to carry on and send the main complete PDF and the individual PDFs to the client as attachments (or zip) wof one single email.

My problem is that at times, the creation of the big complete PDF terminates before all individual PDFs have been created on the branch. Is there anyway to programmatically check when or if the individual invoices have completed before I can then email all individual invoices and the huge PDF ? I need to do this in the same process as there are other dynamic variables to include in the email.

In you branch, have the Create Output be as an Action and end the branch with a Delete. This will force the Create Output to be synchronous.

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I like this. I will give it a go to find out. Thank you.