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How To Activate Multiple Workflows

Hi Everybody,

I have 3 different Workflowfiles with each their own processes and hotfolders. When I activate one of the workflows, the other workflows are deactivated and the hotfolders won’t work. Anybody some tips on how to get them running simultaneous? Thank You

It almost sounds like you have 3 different workflow configurations, each with a single process in them?

Your Workflow Configurations can contain more than one process each. See below where I have many different Processes defined. Some are enabled, others disabled. But they can all run at the same time.

It can’t be done. There can only be one Workflow Configuration running in service or production mode on any one system.

You could merge all configuration files into a single one though by simply importing the configuration components. To do this,

  • open up your main Workflow configuration
  • click on the Workflow Button [red button on top left corner] > import > Workflow components
  • then select a workflow configuration file
  • select the processes, subprocesses, global variables, printers you want to import
  • repeat these steps with the third configuration file.

You may import other connect content (data mapper, template, preset…etc) in a similar way.

Please note that a Workflow configuration file can contain up to 512 processes which could all run simultaneously in parallel.

Thanks I’m gonna try it out!

I indeed have multiple configurations with multiple processes

Works flawlessly thank you very much!

Thank You That makes a lot of sence