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How to add a new process to live Workflow configuration running a big job

I have two systems: Development and Production Servers. Unfortunately both servers are not up to date with the same version of the workflow configuration. So I can’t send the Workflow configuration of the Development Server to the Production Server.

Usually we import only the processes we need into the production configuration and we send this configuration to the local workflow service.

This works fine most of the times when there is no running job; however when our end of month billing process is running, the service takes hours to stop and start. At times, we have had to kill the service which caused loss of data.

Is there any other way of sending the configuration in such circumstances. If I was to Pause the service and then send the configuration, would that work without interrupting any job that is currently running?

Is there a feature whereby a single process within the Dev server workflow configuration can be selected and sent from the Developement Server to the Production Server?

Pausing the service will not instruct it to read the new configuration when the service resumes, so that won’t work. Also, it’s not possible to update a single process (or a group of processes) separately: the entire configuration must be updated.

As with any critical server, major updates should not be performed during production hours. They should be done after hours or over weekends, to make sure no job (and no user) is impacted by the changes.