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How to add/combine data form other source


I receive a number of different files each with it’s own data structure and a seperate general file with generic information (clientnumber + email adres) for each record in the different files .
How can I create within the datamapper a look up for a clientnumber and enrich the original dataset with the email adress?

Sounds like a job best accomplished in the Workflow, and then present your combined/unified data source to the DataMapper.

If your supplemental data is in a form that can be queried through an ODBC driver, then you could always use this route:


Thanks Alberts,

looks somthing worth giving a try,I will make a csv file true the workflow to test. unfortunately can’t access the sample datafiles and datamapper mentioned in the topic.


I need to access about 400.000 email adresses, need to see how it works perfomance wise. Will update when finished.

They’re not the same files, but this is a sample I made up based on that document while I was figuring out how it all worked. You’re welcome to it:


There’s a readme in there that explains the final details. The name of the ODBC source, etc.

However, if you’re doing a lookup on a more massive data set like that, it may be more performant if you can get the lookup table into a proper database rather than leaning on the relatively low power of the Excel/Access/CSV ODBC driver.

Thank you, also for you advise, it’s a in between solution to get things rolling.