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How to add job title and user name when printing in PrintShop Mail Connect to Fiery

When ever i print from every other software, the fiery always displays the file name and the user that printed the job. When i print from PSM Connect though, it shows Unknown in both the Job title and the User. See image below.

As you can see above, all jobs that have UNKNOWN for job title and user were printed from PSM Connect.

I’ve tried repeatedly to make sure the fields are filled in correctly in the print parameters, see image below

How do i fix this issue, or is it even fixable? I really need those to be filled out.

I have reproduce the behavior here and will research some more. Will keep you posted once I got more info.

To send datastreams to __Fiery__s ( or other front ends like Xerox FreeFlow ), the fastest method is to use LPR option instead of Windows printer queues.

Most printers have 3 queues:

  • Hold
  • Print
  • Print+Hold

These need to be checked as the names need to be correct.

To pass the Job Name and Owner you can use the settings:

Job Owner Name: Optional entry for adding the name of the job owner.
Job Name: The name of the output file. You can use ${template} as a variable for the name of the Designer Template used to generate the output.

If you use the Windows printers queues, the same information are sent through. However, there can be issues with permissions as the “Connect user/service” may not have proper rights to set these parameters.

NOTE: When using Windows printers queues for PDF, it calls the Adobe Printing Code to Rip it. At this point the code is different and also has issues with permissions passing on this information. (it also re rips the file so it could be used by non PDF/PCL/PS printers as it is very slow )

I have the same issue that unknown is being showed and I am using an LPR output queue :(.