How to apply div at the bottom of the last sheet?

The use case is similar to Display image at the bottom of the last page if there is space for it
detailed in the guide

However, we need to create a new page if there isn’t enough space for the signature.

Real world scenario:

  • a dynamic table that grows across multiple sheets and might end at any height on the sheet
  • a signature that needs to be applied at the bottom of the last sheet and if there isn’t enough space for it, a new sheet needs to be created

Hummm…how about a MasterPage that is set to be the last page and that would hold the signature?
Since the signature is beyond the page margin, it will not account for the space to be use by the overflow mechanism.

We tried as suggested, in the event that there is only one page Connect applies the “first page” master page.

I recognize it’s a peculiar case in which a page is both the first and the last at the same time.

Applying the same Master Page for both “Single Sheet” and “Last Sheet” is also not an option?

Think Marten is right. I would create a separate master page for the signature and apply this to the Single Sheet and Last Sheet sheet positions.