How to control PDF-X4 output intent?

Is there a way to control the output intent for PDF-X4 PDFs? I’ve tried selecting an alternate icc profile in the CMYK working spaces and in the untagged images settings. The resulting PDF always has an output intent of U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2.

I tested this in older versions of connect and when I would make those changes it would pass through the icc profile selected as the output intent for a PDF-X4 PDF. The version of connect I’m using is 2018.1.3.51588.


I do get the same behavior in 2018.1.6, it sticks to the default color profile even though I changed it. It is possible the PDF-X4 specs don’t allow a different profile to be used and we started enforcing the standard in more recent versions? In what previous version were you last able to perform the switch? Maybe our developers would be able to identify this behavior as either a problem or an expected result. There could have been a change in our PDF libraries since you last attempted this.

Please provide the previous version you used where it worked. Thanks.

PDF-X4 requires an output intent and it is definable. In fact the we are using PDF-X4 PDFs as input that already have a different output intent defined. The reason it is important to be able to define the output intent is that it can alter the quality of the output. In this case since the output intent is wrong it degrades the onscreen and printed output quality.

I don’t remember the exact version where we tested it and I no longer have them installed anymore to confirm. It may have been 1.7 or 1.8 but I can’t say for sure. We tested it and due to other issues the implementation got delayed and we have since upgraded.