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How to detect if Ouptput job preset generate one ore several documents


I’ve an output preset that could be generate one or more documents.
I wan’t to stay in the workflow process to keep the random filename an reuse it for another process.

In fact there is two case :

  • If there one document, he send into the workflow has PDF and then content is the pdf.
  • If there more documents, output generate a comma separated list of filenames contains each documents of results.

The question is, in the workflow how I can detect each case ?


Derar Herve_Heritier

You can put a condition just after the output preset that will look into the first line if it contains PDF, if condition is true is a pdf if not is the csv file

To add to my colleague @robertotis post, look for exactly %PDF- at the very beginning of the job file. If it is not that, it is not a PDF.

You may need to put a Change Emulation to “Line Printer” before your Text Condition, and then if it is a PDF and you want to do any further processing to the PDF file besides sending it to a folder, another Change Emulation back to PDF, after.