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How to encrypt PDF when output PDF files

Hi There,

I’m just new about this product, and I want to output PDF files with password.

My designer context is using print context, and I can output PDF files through workflow.
But how can I set the variable password to the output PDF files ?

My workflow process is

  1. WinQueue Input
  2. Execute Data Mapping
  3. Create Print Content
  4. Create Job
  5. Create Output
  6. Print using a windows driver

From 2 to 5 are send from designer.
(When debug, I can get the PDF files at step 5, but it will get plugin failed: unsupported file format at step 6.)

Belated reply: see https://help.objectiflune.com/en/planetpress-connect-user-guide/2020.2/#designer/Output/Print/Interface/PDF_Options_page.htm?Highlight=pdf%20password