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How to fix row height in a table

By default, the height of the rows in my table varies to match the contents.
I would like to fix the row height so that I get a more uniform table, and don’t waste valuable space on my page.
If I set
style=“height: 30px;” on the tr
then the row height is set to 30 if it was previously less than 30, but if it was previously greater than 30 then it stays unchanged.
How can I force the row height to be 30 regardless of content?

Here is sample of my page
As you can see, there is a lot of white space around the numbers which I want to reclaim. (I have set padding to zero).

I found a solution.
I had assumed that if I specify height=30px and padding=0px on the row (tr), then this would be inherited by the cells in the row (td), and by the div in the cells. This assumption is wrong. Specifying height and padding 3 times, explicitly on row, cell and div gives me what I want.

    <tr style="height: 28px; padding: 0px 4px;" data-repeat="">
        <td class="data CustomerNo" style="height: 28px; padding: 0px 4px;">
            <div style="width: 28mm; height: 28px; padding: 0px; font-size: 23pt; position: relative; top: -5px; ">