How to get the actual Error Message from a task into the Error Handling Process

I know there is the %{error.errormsg} variable, and that it will carry the value entered in the “Log Message” field of the On Error task… but I don’t want a custom message, I want the actual error message. How do I get that into the error handling process?

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That feature is scheduled for the 2019.1 release. Currently, there is no way to obtain that information unless you’re bold enough to try parsing the logs by yourself…

I found it! Sorry, Phil, I emailed you directly a little while ago because I couldn’t find this thread. I don’t see any changed behavior and I’m running on 2020.1. The “error.errormsg” variable still comes through blank.

What’s the deal, dude?

The feature was actually implemented in version 2019.2.

Just tested it here and it works as expected.

One thing though: the error.errormsg variable contains whatever custom message you entered in the On Error tab for the task. If you want to access the actual error message logged by the task, you have to use the error.errorlog variable.


Does the error.errorlog get cleared between each task\workflow item? I’m wondering if we could add text condition at the end of a workflow to check if any error has happened rather than having to use the on error task? I haven’t yet installed the latest version and we are using 2018 so don’ have this feature yet


The error object retains the information for the last error encountered. So yes, your solution would work.

But… 2018? Really? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Phil

Yeah I know it’s not great and it’s a legacy issue. We have 100+ jobs in workflow now so its hard to get time to test all applications before we upgrade. I have however just had a new server built and just waiting for support to help me installing the latest version so we can get migrated over