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How to insert PDF image as a backgrund

It’s my first time using pres connect, and I’m excited :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to insert a PDF as a background image to cover the entire page 8.5 x 11 , and I want to put letter body text and boxes on top of the background image.

I don’t know how to arrange boxes like before, after , forward and backward. There’s no option when I select the box to arrange the setting.

I cannot find an option to lock the image on the page.

I cannot find in the box properties to curve the box edges.

Is there a video to show these steps? or help.

Thank you

Hi Sami,

For background images that wont move when placed. Simply drag and drop a image, in PDF format, to the images folder in the resources pane. Then expand the print folder in the contexts folder in the resources pane.Right click on your section and select background from the context menu. From there you can select a PDF either from you data mapper, if you are using PDF as data, or from your image resources.I usually use absolute for positioning and have my top/left set to zero.

For boxes before/after. I assume you mean there stacking order? Putting a box behind another? If so you will need to select the box you want to put behind another, from there go to the SOURCE of your template. You will see the code highlighted for that box. Simply cut and paste that code and put that code above the code of the box you want to put this new box behind of

For rounded corners you need to select the box and add a ID name to it in the attributes pane. Then in the resources pane select context_print_styles.css style sheet. Once open you can add the following code to it. So say your boxes ID is called round.


#round {
border-radius: 25px;
padding: 20px;
width: 200px;
height: 150px;

If you want to fill the box via code add…

background: blue;

For a border via code…

border: 2px solid #73AD21;

To round just one corner use one of…








Can you set the background coming from a local drive or network drive perhaps?

Hi Edanting,

Yes, this is possible via the Background properties of print sections.

  • On the Resources pane, expand the Print context, right-click the print section and click Background.
  • Click the downward pointing arrow after Image and select From PDF resource.
  • Clicking the Select Image button opens the Select Image dialog and allows you to select an image from disk.


Thank you for that.