How to install shared PP network printer without admin interaction

Due to the printspooler vulnerability PrintNightMare, users (without admin permissions) are nog longer able to install their own printers, when the printerdrivers are not available on their PC’s. When the drivers are already installed, users can add printers by themselves.

Printers, also Planet press printers, are now being installed by our supportdesk. To get some of the pressure away from them, we are looking for ways to install the printerdrivers trough PDQ Deploy. For the ordinary printer drivers that works fine, but we are having some problems with the PlanetPress drivers.

Even when we install the PlanetPress Printers.exe, the first time a shared Planet press printer is added from our printserver, admin interaction is needed. I can see the driver files being copied to the C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\3 folder, a local PlanetPress printer is added to the printer on the PC, but still the first time some admin interaction is needed when we add a shared network PlanetPress printer.

What do we need to do to perform a complete silent installation of the PlanetPress printer (drivers), in which user can add a shared network Planetpress printer without them having to call our supportdesk?
Thank a lot!

Found a solution.
Install drivers

Create new step, add printer, after that: remove printer

%WINDIR%\system32\Printui.exe /ga /q /n"\SERVER\PlanetPress Printer"
%WINDIR%\system32\Printui.exe /gd /q /n"\SERVER\PlanetPress Printer"