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How to read Number of Records?

Hello again,

how can I read the total number of records in PrintShop Mail Connect (no Datamapper)?

In the Data model pane the totalrecords are shown, so it should be possible to read that value out…
Screenshot data model pane


This is currently not possible in PSM Connect. It requires the DataMapper. Will create an Improvement Request for that.


Thank you for your reply. That would be nice, beacause it`s an important (standard) feature for many printshop mail customers (function in PSM: record_count() ).

After almost four years, the function to get the number of records is still missing in the Designer and/or the Datamapper.
Almost every customer in the print production business needs this function in some cases and they do not want to use the Workflow tool (in most cases they are not allowed to use it). Anyway, the PrintShop Mail Connect customers can not use the Workflow tool.

Is this feature really on the roadmap? Or will there be another workaround without using the Workflow tool?

I do not get it in my brain why the Datamapper and Designer are able to show the number of records but the customer can not use this value…

Sorry that I keep on bothering about it, but I am confronted with it again and again.

In the Output Creation Wizard, you may get the total records\documents with ${job.count.documents}.

Thanks Rod. But what if I need that info in a script within the Desiger?

Can you provide a use case or an example?