How to set a variable for Job Owner Name in Output creation


When I set up an Output Creation file, and try to sue it to send a print job to the queue of a Xerox printer, I would like the Job Owner Name to be a variable ${job.metadata.userid} where the userid has been set up in the corresponding Job Creation file. However, the variable won’t be parsed by the workflow or the planetpress system. If there any way we can pass a value via a variable userid to the printer queue?



You can use the trick documented here to pass in variable values to an LPR queue.

I’ve tested this on the Printer Name, Printer Queue, and Job Owner and can confirm it’s working.

The link above is broken, Can I get a updated link to this trick.

It was moved into the user guide instead:

This is done by setting a Job Info variable in the Workflow configuration see Job Info variables in the Workflow Online Help) and then referencing it in the Print options fields via the variable @automation.JobInfoX@ (where “X” is the number of the Job Info variable).

So you’d set, for example, the printer’s IP address in JobInfo9, then set the output preset up like this:



This works great especially to set IP and queue name in workflow with Local Variables. You can change it without having to modify the output preset.