How to Sort Based On Sheets in Document Set

I’m currently grouping documents into document sets based on a field in the record. How do I go about sorting the document sets in the job preset based on the number of sheets per document set? I didn’t see an intuitive option for that, but I may just be overlooking how to do it. Still somewhat new to using Connect, but planning on converting planetpress suite jobs over soon.

You can try to use grouping in the output. You can use it without defining separation.

Not sure I’m following. I am wanting to sort the job in ascending order based on sheet count per document set. Are you saying that would be done in the output preset? I thought that would be configured in the job preset. The sorting options seem to only give access to the fields in a document or the document length, but not a document set length.

I think this gets me closer to an answer. Currently, I’m grouping documents into document sets by a “MailGroup” field. Since I need to sort the sets by sheet count, I’m selecting the option for Size Grouping. Do I need to explicitly select every possible size to maintain order throughout the job? Like 1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3… 150 to 150 etc? If my last range is something like 7 to Largest, everything 7+ is unsorted.

As far as I know in the size grouping you have to define every range. So in your case it is not the best practice and currently I don`t have a simple idea to achieve that. :frowning:
Maybe there is a practicable way in the workflow.