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How to split and chunk pdf output?


I am aware that we can split our output based on sheet numbers through output preset.
But how do I go about chunking each set via record count further?

For eg:
I split the pdf via sheets count first then split even further via record count:

1-6pager_1000 records_1.pdf
1-6pager_1000 records_2.pdf

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you

Probably the easiest way to do this would be in the Workflow. Output your Size Grouping splits as normal, but put some form of marker on the first page of each record (white text on white background, for instance if there’s nothing else immediately identifiable on the page). Then in the Workflow the PDF splitter can simply look for those markers and split on them.

To make it bit more complex , those splits and pdf sets will need to have corresponding report files attach to them. Each set , ideally I would want to be able to have access to their metadata, I could, I guess scratch off the details each set of pdf and create a report like that, but Im leaning towards no as I want the solution to be generic and reusable.

Nevertheless , thank you for the input :slight_smile: