How to use all the CPU - PlanetPres Connet performance increase?

Good evening

I need your kind help. I have a PDF generation process through a workflow, I try to process a TXT file of 12,000 records that are converted into 12,000 individual PDFs.

It is taking about 1 hour and we want to reduce the time of creating PDFs

We configured the motors to take advantage of the RAM memory and it worked, however, out of the 8 virtual processors, it is only using one, the image is attached,

Where can we configure or can we set the number of virtual processors so that it uses them all to improve performance and processing?

I appreciate your help in advance.

Best regard

How are you creating those PDF files? Are you using an Output Preset that is set to split the documents per record? How many Output Engines/Merge Engines have you configured in the Connect Server Configuration? How large is each document, typically?