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HTML Form not working on iPad

I have a process which generates and sends a HTML form to be filled out, pretty standard stuff. However, for some reason it isn’t working on iPads. When the iPad requests the form the workflow returns a 208 error. The main departure from a typical COTG workflow is that it sends a custom response (since some paths are invalid) so set Job Variable to “200 OK” on valid paths.

Could someone maybe point me in the right direction on how to fix this? Or what to look into?

Hi There,

Is this a COTG based system? If so what version of the COTG app are you using?

Does the form and process work on the Windows 10 and Android version of the COTG app? If it does we would have to have a much closer look at this and I’d advise contacting your local support team.



Hi Alex,

It’s a COTG based system. I’ll have to double check the version, but I believe it’s the latest (it’s at a customer site, so I’ll need to confirm this). A bit more strange is that I tested on another iPad and it worked fine. Do you know if there are any known issues with any specific iPads?

The form loads fine on Android and Windows 10 versions, both of which are on the latest version.


Hi Again

No I don’t specifically know of an issue that would cause this behaviour.

With that in mind I’d recommend comparing the iOS and app versions on the devices as a good place to start. You could then try matching the versions on the failing iPad to that of the working iPad if there is a difference.


Alex Banahene

OK, so it was a customer error. Thanks for your help either way Alex!