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Images using CMYK instead of RGB


I have dynamic images that I am bringing into the template and are being output as RGB. Any RGB / CMYK discussions I find are for spcecific colours but not for images with different colours. How can I convert these to CMYK when creating an output PDF?

Thank you,

Hi @TSled,

Are you saying the images are originally RGB and you want to convert them to CMYK?

If the images are CMYK to begin with they should still be CMYK in the output PDF. I did a quick test to verify that this at least works for JPEG and TIFF.

I’m importing a jpg as the dynamic image and want it to output as cmyk. Is this possible?
Sorry, my colour knowledge is limited.

Yes, as long as the image is CMYK it should still be CMYK in the output.

For example, here’s a ZIP with two JPEG images. The only difference is the color space; one is RGB (Sample.jpg) and one is CMYK (Sample_cmyk.jpg). I converted the RGB image to CMYK with a free online tool at https://www.rgb2cmyk.org/ but if you need to convert images you’re probably better off using Photoshop or Illustrator. As you can tell the colors are a bit off.

Sample.zip (2.2 MB)

To show that the CMYK image is output as CMYK, I placed both images in a blank template and created output. Adobe Acrobat shows that the image on the left has a DeviceRGB color space and the image on the right has a DeviceCMYK color space, as expected.

Thank you Sander, appreciate the help!