Imposition Mixed Media

I’m creating a file that’s meant to print 8 up coupons with 3 different types of paper (media). I have the Imposition setup so that each paper type ends up as a full 12x18 sheet, but it seems that the Media settings are being thrown away before it gets to the Output stage of creation. I’m only left with one “Imposition Sheet” defined in the Output Settings. And after multiple tests, it seems that duplexing is also just being ignored.

I am using the PPD file from the Fiery Print Engine PC connected to our Canon c810. No matter what I choose in the Output, the print file defaults back to 8.5x11 Plain, Simplex.

Any help is appreciated!!

Edit: For additional context, I noticed that instead of having 3 different media automatically populated in the Output Settings, I only get 1, the “Imposition” sheet.

You will need to use a two-pass solution to get around the 1 imposition sheet limitation in the output preset.

The first pass creating a single copy of the impositioned output to PDF.

The second pass using that PDF as an input data source / background on a new three different sections. The output preset in this stage would not required any imposition settings.

If you still have issues with the paper handling without any impositioning then it may be worth it to open a support ticket so that we can properly investigate this for you.

For those with the same issue. We are also still using PlanetPress7, so before the answer above was posted I had already started passing the resulting .PDF to the older version of PlanetPress. I added some additional information to the pages as needed, and assigned tray selects, etc. I’m not sure the tray selects, etc. would be working using PlanetPress Connect, but I don’t have time to try it, and this solution works for us.

We encountered this issue and found a way to overcome it was to set up your document imposed up in Pres Designer from the start. Then there is no need to impose going forward, which causes the issue when using PPD’s for postscript creation.

FYI, for the proof we just crop pdf created from post script in acrobat… nothing scientific here!