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Imposition Sheet sizes

When creating a new Output Preset, I noticed that “Tabloid” is no longer an option for Imposition Sheet size.

I need to impose an 8.5x11 inch (Letter) page 2-up onto a 17x11 inch sheet, no gap or margin. When I try I get a message that: Value must be “16.5354in” or less… what gives? Why can’t I impose my document?

May I know when you’re receiving the message: ‘Value must be “16.5354in” or less’? And may I also know which version of PlanetPress Connect you’re using?

I’m asking you this because I’m able to print a Print (Letter) Template through the PlanetPress Connect Designer (version 2020.2.0) when I make the following changes to the Imposition Option settings of a Output Preset:

  • (Sample Page > Size: Letter)
  • Imposition Sheet > Size: Tabloid, Orientation: Landscape
  • Layout > Horizontal: 2, Vertical: 1

It only happens with the output is Postscript (Generic PS LEVEL3):

I’m on Connect 2020.1

I tried it in Version 2020.1 and get the same error message. Also if I try it in mm (> 420mm = error).

The sample page size is not relevant in that case. Also the other options like scaling or orientation are not relevant.

Thank you for sharing the information and screenshot TDGreer.

The reason why you get the error message ‘Value must be “16.5354.in” or less’ is because of the maximum dimension settings of the “Generic PS Level 3” printer model, which are:

  • width: 297mm
  • height: 420mm

You can test this by changing the (Imposition Sheet) height to 298mm or the width to 421mm. You will in receive in that case the error message 'Value must be “297mm” or less" (height) or ‘Value must be “420mm” or less’ (width).

And how can we fix that problem? 420mm and 297mm is not that big. There are many cases in reality where a bigger paper size is needed…

The fix is to edit the Generic PS PPD and add in the sizes needed. I don’t like this option because I think those changes will be lost during an upgrade, and also because I have several clients using Connect Design and that’s a custom “hack” for each one. Feature Request is to make the paper size options the same in the Generic PS ppd as are in the Generic PDF ppd.