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In datamapper, how can I access the record count?


I need to identify the last record in my data for a script I’m creating that assembles the values needed for a barcode string. I didn’t really think it would be a problem to access this value, but I don’t see in the datamapper API where I can get this value, so is the only way doing a loop and counting records in a script?


The only way to get the total number of record from the Datamapper can be found here.

Then, you can create an empty field named BarcodeData in you Datamodel which you will update after the Execute Datamapping step of your Workflow.

You could export the data as XML or JSON (whichever is easier to use for you) and use it to build your barcode data, from a script.

Then, simply update the BarcodeData field, in the records, in the Create Print Content step.