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Incoming print jobs from multiple departments

Hi there, we have multiple departments sending documents to the mail room sometimes these are being hand inserted. We want these to go through planet press. what would be the best solution to advise, having many watched folders for a lot of different departments doesn’t seem like it would scale well. Is there a better way.
For arguments sake at this point say they are print ready pdf files of varying length that just need a barcode added for insertion, so not much manipulation from designer but a way of tracking so the departments could be recharged, each department has a 5 digit print code there are over 100 of these.
Sorry its a bit of a long question.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Alex,
if you want to have the assignment to the department stored in the barcode, you need to know from which department the document comes. I see following options:

  1. Subfolders
    Set one mainfolder with a subfolder per department. In Workflow you are watching the mainfolder with option “capture files in subfolders”. Through the job info variable %2 you can get the path of the input file. Just split the path string (via script) so you can store the subfoldername (this should be the identifier for your department). You can give that information through runtime paramaters directly to the datamapper configuration.

Example splitting path with js:

var pathArray = Watch.GetJobInfo(2).split("\\");
var department_id = pathArray[pathArray.length - 2]; //-2 because the path in jobinfo 2 ends with a backslash

  1. Use Connect Send (virtual printer driver)

Maybe someone else has more ideas.

Best regards

Ok will try that thanks Thomas.