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Index out of bound for length template error


Does anyone saw following error inside template:

ERROR [20 Jul 2021 08:42:31,799][main] com.objectiflune.application.designer.editors.PersistentSelection.apply(PersistentSelection.java:-1) java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 32 out of bounds for length 10

Know why?

Hi @Odyn,

This error does occur by viewing the Template in Preview mode in the Connect Designer or by executing the OL Connect “Create Print Content” Workflow plugin?

Hey Marten

It was displayed during template preview, not template creation plugin execution


My first thought is that something goes wrong by executing one of the scripts used in the Data Mapping Configuration or Template file. I suppose that also in this case it will be a good idea to open a technical support ticket via our ‘website’ because then you’ve the option to share the Data Mapping Configuration and/or Template file(s).

Well I am just interested what this error means because this message is quite generic.