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Input error bin - delayed processing


We have one “Error” process with “Input error bin” that sends email on any error in workflow.
For many months (years) this worked perfectly. On any error in workflow we got instant email informing us about that. Some time ago something is changed and now there is a delay in processing errors. We see in service console that there was an error in some process, and that “File sent to error bin process”, but “Error” process is started with delay of Xmin. Sometime X is few minutes, but sometime it’s more then 20min.
Error process is setup to run “As soon as possible”, with pooling interval of 4sec.

We did change Connect version from 2020.1 to 2020.2, but I’m not sure that this upgrade had anything to do with this problem.

Any suggestion how to fix this?


I’m not aware of any changes that would cause this kind of behaviour, but we would like to investigate this further. If you haven’t already, please can you raise a support ticket with your local team about this