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Insert a logo in to a template dynamically within a workflow

Hi There,

We have two branches in a workflow. One branch is to generate pdf files (without a city logo) and send them to Xerox printer where the city logo has been already pre-printed on papers; another branch is to generate the pdf files where the city logo should be inserted during the splitting process. We have been asked to use ONLY one template for two branches for consistency and the city logo should be toggled in the two situations (branches).

I am wondering if there is a way to insert the city logo dynamically in the second branch.



Quickly like that I would setup the same condition that you use in your Workflow to choose which branch in your Template.

Simply apply that condition on your logo image.

Thanks. But we don’t have any condition for the two branches. My question is how to interact the template dynamically within a workflow.



In your second branch you could set a jobinfo. In your template set the logo to display only if the jobinfo is your expected value.

Thanks stuart-gascoigne for your suggestion. I believe this way would work. I just set a jobinfo like this: Watch.SetJobInfo 10, “togglelogo”. How can I retrieve the value of “togglelogo” in the template? I mean what should be the syntax. I know I can create a Conditional Content Script, but not sure how to retrieve the value.


I’ve never tried it myself! but there is a post here which is all about this topic.

How about placing the logo via a media background and use an output preset on one branch that prints virtual stationery and use a different output preset that omits stationery backgrounds on the other branch. Your Workflow process would look something like this:

  • Folder Capture
  • Execute Data Mapping
  • Create Print Content
  • Create Job
  • Branch 1
  • Create Output (Output Preset, Print virtual stationery checked)
  • Branch 2
  • Create Output (Output Preset, Print virtual stationery unchecked)

The concept of running Content Creation ones and generate multiple output branches can also be viewed in the Print Transaction Job print wizard invoke from within the Designer. See:


It works like a charm! Thanks a lot, Erik !

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Thanks, Stuart-Gascoigne !