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Install PlanetPress print driver

Hi, I created a process whose document should be sent to the printer I created (PrinterTest) for example, similar to the planetpress printer. How to distribute / install this printer on client machines, is 10? Do you need to install the planetpress designer in each of them?

Thank you

You best contact the local OL Support team to get the separate PlanetPress printer driver files.

To manually install the above printer queue on client systems:

  1. Log into each client system with a local administrator account
  2. Open Windows Explorer and go to \PlanetPressServer\printername. You may be
    required to authenticate using valid logon credentials to the PlanetPress Server.
  3. Then click on “Install driver” to install the printer.

If you wanted to automate this process on several client system, you may refer to your IT department for ways to implement a Group Policy.

If you are using the PlanetPress Printer and the Objectif Lune Printer driver and your client systems are a mix of 32 and 64 bit systems, then contact your local support team to get the 32-bit driver of the PlanetPress Printer.

good tip, get the drivers as suggested and now works well. Thank you !

good hint, get the drivers as suggested above and did the procedures you suggested, now everything works fine. Thank you !