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Installation success or error status: 1603

Installing Connect Designer 2020.2 and getting install status /error 1603. This is on a pc that hosted PP7 which was uninstalled before installing PPC. Carbon Black AV blocked installing PPC and we had it whitelisted. Any help appreciated. OLConnectInstallationRemover has been run, also removed workflow. It never gets Messenger installed, either, when running the workflow installer, although the Event Viewer states that it was installed.

the 1603 error code i found in the Event Viewer indicates that the application is already installed (regarding Messenger). i removed PP7 and have renamed all folders that say Objectif Lune or PlanetPress and all the registry entries that i could find. Still i get the same result. I also tried to install on a clean pc and got the same error.

Is there a ‘cleanup uninstaller’ for PP7 as there is for PPC?

Were you able to resolve this issue? I am having the same issue when trying to install.

There is no external tool for PP7. You can try manually uninstalling the software and reinstalling it but if that still fails, you should contact our Support team for some help.