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Installing Designer on different machine to server

We are trying to install designer on a different server to the connect server but when we try and open designer we get the error below:


Any ideas as I can see it suggests you need to run the server config tool, but we don’t have that installed as it’s on a different machine

When you install Designer on a machine it does install the database and the Connect Server. It is just that without a license, your Designer will run like a demo.

Now if you check in your Windows Services, look for Connect MariaDB Server. is this running? If not, try to manually start it and check that the Connect Service is also running. Thoses are for the Connect server installed with your Designer on that workstation.

Now in order to still use the full capacity of your licensed Connect Server, you’ll need to go in your Designer->Window->Preferences->Servers->Connect Servers and there set the URL and username as defined on your licensed Connect Server.


I don’t have that in my list of services. My IT dept have installed the designer and when I look in program files it has the below:


I’m guessing this isn’t right as I should see connect server


On a standalone install of Designer, you may or may not have had the DB isntalled along with it. Server will not be present. If you have installed only designer without the MariaDB, it will use HSQLDB, which runs with port 9100. We often see similar errors on stations where port 9100 is already in use, so HSQLDB tries to start and shuts down right away. You could also make sure your antivirus doesn’T stop HSQLDB. Once you can see the hsqldb.exe staying up and running in your task manager, Connect Designer should open fine.

Hope this helps.

Actually, HSQLDB runs on port 9001 by default. This can be changed through the Designer preferences:


It was the anti virus thing that has now sorted it. Getting an issue now where it says the below


As for the ‘No info available with the name “displayName”’ I would like to ask you kindly if you can open a new ticket via our ‘Online Community (link)’ website for this please.

@Phil indeed, 9001 is what I meant to write :wink:

However, as we brought up before, if you are stuck at the oops message, there is no obvious way to change the port since Designer will not open. If you have a way to do it outside designer, please do share it. It is pretty rare that 9001 is alreay used, but I have encountered it once or twice before so it does happen.

I have created a ticket for R&D to look at it (SHARED-90870). There is a workaround for the issue, but it’s so inelegant that I am reluctant to publish it here… :stuck_out_tongue: … still, it can help Support get out of a bind in an emergency.