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Installing fonts - is there a better solution?

Having to restart the PC the Planet Press connect server in installed on just to install a font is very disruptive and “old fashioned”.
Is there any more streamline option to install fonts?

You could add the fonts to the template (drag and drop them to the Fonts folder). This makes them available to the Font menu and you can use them in your CSS stylesheet files.

Alternatively you could use a web font (for example from Google). Typically these are links to an online CSS file. Copy the link and create a Remote CSS file in your template.

Subsequently you can use this font from the various Font menus or enter them directly in your CSS stylesheets.


I assume that you mean you need to reboot for the services to detect a font added to the Windows Fonts folder, and that the desktop apps such as Designer are able to use it immediately.

The reboot is actually due to a security enhancement in Windows where services running in session 0 are not notified when fonts are added by the interactive user, presumably logged in at session 1.

You may get away with only restarting the services, but yeah, a reboot does the trick, unfortunately.