Integrate existing login with LDAP

We have created a login interface. This interface queries a database in order to authenticate and obtain other information. Is it possible to forward the credentials entered by the user in the interface to the LDAP authentication system (NodeJS input server) integrated in the workflow? Are there any other integrated and non-integrated solutions?

The NodeJS Server input can use authentication but only in interactive mode (a credential window pops up for the user to enter the information). You cannot automatically provide that information from another system.

You could possibly do it differently: first have the user authenticate on the NodeJS server, and then you can use the <UserName> element in the request to perform a query in your database (knowing, at that stage, that the user has already identified successfully using LDAP).

See this post for some additional information.

Thanks for the reply Philippe, but let’s say I need to keep both logins, how can I also “save” the user password so as to send them to our ad hoc created login?

You cannot save the password. That would be a breach of security.

Thank you so much Phil for the response and the time you dedicated to this post.