Internal PlanetPress Connect WebServer or IIS WebServer


we want to use HMTL-Formulars, for selecting which invoices should be send to the printer.
Therefore, we want to use the HTTP-Client-Input Plugin.
Can we use the WebServer from PlanetPress Connect, or should we install the IIS from Microsoft.
PlanetPress runs on Windows Server 2012 R2.

Thank you for your answers

I have used the Workflow HTTP Server several times to create various “dashboards”, some quite complex. It isn’t as fast as a dedicated server, and if you are running large print production processes, the HTTP processes slow down quite a bit. But for something simple, such as HTML Form for selecting files, PlanetPress Workflow should work perfectly fine.

You’ll want to use the HTTP Server Input, not the “Client” input. The idea is, the user enters a URL, that URL calls the process with the HTTP Server Input, and in my case, it usually then loads an HTML file, and does a Search and Replace for any dynamic values. (You could have a Folder Listing task, for example, to return an XML file listing all the available Invoices, then other actions to turn that into a HTML Select/Option list, load that into a Workflow Variable, then replace an HTML comment in your source HTML file with the dynamic value of the Workflow Variable.) Then you end with a Delete task (that’s normal for HTTP Server Input processes), and the HTML file is sent to the user’s browser.

Similarly, when they post the form, the form action tag will point to a different HTML Server Input process to grab the form values, do a Load External File to grab the invoice, and that will get returned to the user’s browser.

So you’d end up with only two processes, set them to be multi-threaded. That’s not too much overhead. I’ve got a dashboard for a client that has about 30 separate Workflow Processes, and a lot of database calls, and that’s on a server running the daily print production jobs, and no one has complained that it’s too slow.