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Is possible use PHP in PlanetPress Connect?

Is possible use PHP in PlanetPress Connect?

No, PHP is not supported.


Without php how can we secure the notion of id in a form to access recipient files?
using get or post for rights or access management is not a good practice

Without PHP I also don’t know how to prevent the entry of tags in text fields by a malicious user

Hi Anthony, and welcome to our community!

Form validation is usually done through a combination of HTML attributes, CSS classes and JavaScript code when necessary.
A good introduction to the subject is available on the MDN site. That’s for client-side validation.

On the server side, it all depends on the server itself. Perhaps you should explain in a little more detail what you`re trying to achieve.


Thank you for your reply.
I want to do checks (server side) on the data entered (type of document uploaded in the form, no script in the forms, …) client side I can do a script in js but the user can always delete these securities.

today everything is generated by connect (datamapper, designer, web form, web form response, …)
and I don’t know how to compensate without using php.
Maybe in datamapper settings?

Otherwise with node js maybe I can do server side checks but I don’t know how to include it in planetpress

If your form is submitted to a Workflow process, that’s where you would do all your validations, most likely through a Scripting task.

The form will be fed to your process as an XML file, with the contents of each field being easily parsable and with the list of attachments.

There are no built-in validations for fields, however, so you will have to implement them yourself. But that’s something that can be done relatively easily with a few well-crafted Regular Expressions.