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Is there a way to Delay a process in the workflow?

Hi PlannetPress workflow geeks,

Hope you are all doing well.

Is there a way to delay a workflow process? Any solution is okay could be via a script of something withing the workflow.

Why I need this is beacuse to send some emails via the “Create Email Content” plugin that is available on the PP connect workflow. For example, send 200 emails then delay for x number of minutes then continue sending another batch of 200 emails? My requirements is a little niche but thought if someone out there has a similar kind of issue that I have.

Many thanks for your time and help in advance.

You could split your incoming data into chunk of 200 “record” (assuming that 1 record produce 1 email) and then add the sleep plugin.
So the split will act as a loop. After the Create Email Content, you add the sleep plugin.

  • Data capture
  • Splitter (see choices of splitter in the Data splitters tab of Workflow plug-in bar
  • Datamapper (if you use one)
  • Create Email content
  • Sleep plugin

Hi @hamelj,

Thanks for the quick response, I’m not so sure how to install the sleep plugin in the workflow. Could you help in this?

Extract the .dll on your Desktop
In Workflow, go to the lower right-corner of the Plug-in bar tab
Click on the >> icon and select Import Plug-in.

Shown below:

Then the plugin will be available from the tab ?

… or, if you are comfortable with scripting, use the Watch.Sleep() function in a script task. :wink:

Thanks all for your help. @hamelj (now I know why that double arrow icon is for :thinking:.). @fortiny , will try both ways and see what suites my current requirements.

Again thanks for your help.:heart: